About Interworld Fundraising

Quality products for effective fundraising!

ten day sales programme for fundraising

At Interworld Fundraising we are focused on helping you achieve your fundraising goals quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

Interworld Fundraising New Zealand Ltd is a New Zealand owned and operated company with a genuine concern for the needs of schools, clubs and groups in providing high quality resources and facilities for these New Zealanders. We realise that fundraising is a necessary management function for most groups to ensure their students and members get the resources they need.

We have a long history in fundraising with 45 years of experience and have, over this period, helped schools and clubs in the local community raise over $100 million towards important fundraising projects. At Interworld Fundraising we aim to provide you with quality products that also offer an attractive margin to help you achieve your target more quickly. We like to make fundraising as easy and effective as possible.  We support our partners with an amazing range of prizes and incentives, making it easier to keep your fundraising team motivated and focussed on the goal.  We also have special deals and seasonal promotions that help add value to your fundraising campaign.

A special aspect of the Interworld system is the ten day selling programme. In our many years involved with schools we have evolved what we believe to be the most successful system for running a school-based fundraising promotion. We are committed to continually seeking to improve our system to make it easier to achieve your goals given the changing nature of the market.

In choosing a fundraising partner, you should be able to have confidence in the company and their staff. At Interworld Fundraising, we highly value the lasting relationships built with our schools and community groups and wish to continue to provide you with the highest level of support in the future.

The products in this site are also of the highest quality, sourced from the very best suppliers including the very successful range of Cadbury Fundraising Chocolates.  We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals in the future.