How to Run a Successful ECE Fundraising Promotion

Interworld Fundraising has long been a partner to Early Childhood Education Groups across New Zealand. We have helped Groups achieve their goals with over $80,000,000 raised for good causes since 1971. Over this time, we have documented successful techniques that we would like to share with you.

Easiest way to sell the Carry Packs

Since the children are very young, the easiest way to sell the carry packs is for the parents to take the carry packs to work and sell the chocolate to their colleagues. Their colleagues will get a treat and know that they are giving to a good cause. See the example below.


Have one organiser, use tally sheets one per classroom. Follow the tips for Getting Started

Time Frame

Make it short and sharp. Give the children/parents a date to bring back their money. ie use the 10 day Sales Programme or two weeks selling and third week final tidy up.

purple red dressup fundraising


Launch the fundraiser with a Purple and Red Dress-up day (Cadbury & Interworld colours) on the day the children take the carry packs home.


All children who bring their money back in by the end of the second week go into the draw for a prize. If they sell 2 carry packs, they have two chances at winning.

Prize Giving

Once the fundraising drive is over and all money has been collected, have a Parents and Children’s evening. Invite parents along (especially the top 5 children’s parents) and tell everyone how successful the fundraising drive was. Award the top 5 children with a prize and the top child with a special prize eg a bike. Take a group photo of the top 5 children and their parents, and publish it in the newsletter. Use the Resources section of this website and download the certificate template. Award each participating child with a certificate for the fundraising effort that each family put in.

If you have chocolate left over at the end of your promotion ring your Sales Manager or Interworld 0800 272 473 for some ideas on how finish up.

Below is a successful example of how one preschool raised funds.

I am the Centre Director of a large rural preschool. We wanted to build a pirate ship playhouse for our kids and needed extra funds to do so. That’s when we called Interworld Fundraising.

We used Interworld Fundraising letter templates to notify parents that we wanted to raise funds to build this pirate ship playhouse. To start the fundraising drive off we had a purple and red (Cadbury & Interworld) dress-up day on the Friday. The kids loved it! That day we also got the kids to colour-in pictures of the Carry Packs. That Friday, each child took home one Cadbury Fundraising carry pack. We recommended that parents take the carry pack to work.

One of our Dad’s sold 4 carry packs at his work in the first week so I asked him what he did to out sell all the other parents by so much. John sent me the email that he had sent out (see below). He said the first email went out around 11am on the Monday and he had sold his first carry pack by 3pm of that day with more people wanting the chocolate than he could deliver. So he got his wife to get another carry pack when she did pickup. On the Tuesday, he emailed all the disappointed co-workers and they purchased plus spread the word that he had a new supply. Again, John had sold out by 4pm so got a third carry pack. On the Wednesday, John re-emailed the original email at 2pm when people were starting to get the mid-afternoon munchies and again sold out by the end of the day. By the end of Thursday, John still had half the 4th box left which he was surprised about so on the Friday he took the fundraising chocolates into the lunchroom at morning break, lunchtime and afternoon break and sold the rest of them. He brought with him a printout of what the pirate-ship looked like and kept focusing on the cause not the chocolate.

pirate ship fundraising
colouring competition fundraising

Chocolate Anyone? Preschool Fundraising for a Pirate ship fort

Hi Everyone,

My son’s preschool is fundraising for a pirate ship fort – see the proposed pirate ship attached. This was the type of fort I dreamt about when I was a kid. Did you?

By purchasing a $2 chocolate bar from me (at my desk), you are helping to give every little kid at 123EDUK8 achieve their dream play area.

Can you help us out?


John Marsden

123EDUK8 not only achieved our goal and built our own Pirate-ship but we had enough money left over to also purchase a sandpit digger. We had a parents evening to celebrate the opening of the pirate ship and awarded the children with certificates and prizes. The children and staff are loving our upgraded outdoor area. Interworld Fundraising made it really easy for us to fundraise and now we are already starting to think about next year’s fundraiser. ☺

Regards Sarah Greenfield, 123EDUK8 Centre Director

That was how one Early Childhood Education centre completed their successful fundraiser. Now how will you complete yours?
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