How to Run a Successful Club or Sports Club Fundraising Promotion

Interworld Fundraising has long been a partner to Clubs and Sports Clubs across New Zealand. We have helped Groups achieve their goals with over $80,000,000 raised for good causes since 1971. Over this time, we have documented successful techniques that we would like to share with you.

Ways to sell the Chocolate Carry Packs

The easiest way to sell the carry packs is for the club members or parents of the club members to take the carry packs to work and sell the chocolate to their colleagues. Their colleagues will get a treat and know that they are giving to a good cause. See the example below. 

Other suggestions are selling to; extended family, door to door sales in your neighborhood, going into local business lunchrooms, selling in shopping streets with a lot of foot traffic, busy waiting rooms with permission from business owners etc. 


Have one organiser, use tally sheets  one per subgroup. Follow the tips for Getting Started

Time Frame

Make it short and sharp. Give the club members a date to bring back their money. ie use the 10 day Sales Programme or two weeks selling and third week final tidy up.


All club members who bring their money back in by the end of the second week go into the draw for a prize. If they sell 2 carry packs they have two chances at winning.

Prize Giving

Once the fundraising drive is over and all money has been collected, have a celebration afternoon/evening. Invite club members and their families along (especially the top 5) and tell everyone how successful the fundraising drive was. Award the top 5 club members with a prize. Take a group photo of the top 5 club members and publish it in the newsletter. Use the Resources section of this website and download the certificate template. Award each participating club member with a certificate for the fundraising effort that each family put in.

If you have chocolate left over at the end of your promotion ring your Sales Manager or Interworld 0800 272 473 for some ideas on how finish up.

Below is a successful example of how one sports club raised funds.

I am a parent helper for my son’s Football team – Whangarei United. He is in the 9th Grade and the team was set to play Franklin United’s 9th Grade in Auckland. We were raising funds to hire a bus to take the players to Auckland and back.

I sent out the below email on the first Monday using the email template but just changed the wording. Then sat in the lunchroom on breaks for a couple of days to sell 3 carry packs of chocolate.

Our fundraising drive produced enough money to cover the bus hire and we were able to provide dinner for the team and supports so the parents didn’t have to pay for it.

Chocolate Anyone? Support Football Club Fundraising

sports club fundraising

Hi Everyone,

My son’s football team Whangarei United – 9th Grade is fundraising for the bus trip to Auckland to compete in the Under 15s Northern Football Federation Tournament against Franklin United’s 9th Grade. The team has worked so hard to get to this level with practices 3 times a week and winning all their games this season.

By purchasing a $2 chocolate bar from me, you are helping to give every team member have the opportunity to achieve their dream of winning.

I will be located in the Lunch Room for morning tea 10.00 to 10.10am, lunchtime 12.00 to 12.30pm and afternoon tea at 3.00 to 3.10pm Monday and Tuesday this week.

Can you help us out by purchasing a chocolate bar?


Kate Jameson

P.S. If you were wondering – Whangarei United’s 9th Grade team won the game!

That was how one mum raised funds for her son’s Football team. Now how will you complete yours?
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