How to get started with fundraising

ten day sales programme for fundraising
  1. Take a look at the fundraising products on offer.
  2. Determine which product’s your supporters / local community are more likely to buy. Choose your product’s accordingly.
  3. Determine the amount of funds you wish to raise.
  4. From this, determine the number of products and packs you need to order.
  5. Read the Terms and conditions… on here you will discover you get four weeks to pay for fundraising items purchased and unsold items returned unopened and in good condition will receive a full credit (handy to know!).
  6. Complete a online order or contact the team at Interworld to place your order.
  7. Read and print out the 10 Day Sales Programme and follow this.

For any further advice and assistance, feel free to contact the team at Interworld.

Proud to be a fundraising partner for New Zealand!

Happy fundraising!