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Earn 2 Learn Fundraising: help students achieve their full potential

Earn 2 Learn is an exciting new initiative that is designed to assist motivated students to achieve their full potential. 

It is an unfortunate reality that some students and families are not able to afford some of the equipment required to take their education to the next level.  Equipment such as laptop computers, musical instruments, or quality sports gear, is expensive and all too often this will result in students being held back from developing their talents.

Here’s how Earn 2 Learn works:

  • Schools identify motivated students who could benefit from being part of the Earn 2 learn program
  • The value of the equipment required is determined
  • Interworld Fundraising supplies fundraising product to the school which in turn is sold by the individual student
  • The profits from the sales of product (at $1 per sale) will accumulate till the target is reached


Schools traditionally undertake one or two large fundraising projects per year, and because of this the Earn 2 Learn initiative is well suited to operating during the rest of the school year.  Schools partnering with Interworld Fundraising to implement “Earn 2 Learn” are selecting a number of suitable students and facilitating their fundraising as a group, thus making it easier to manage and maintain. In this way the Earn 2 Learn initiative operates in a similar fashion to any other Fundraising campaign that the School may work with Interworld Fundraising on during the year.

Earn 2 Learn benefits those motivated students who are prepared to invest the time and effort required to achieve their target.  Each student learns very valuable skills in just being part of the program: Goal Setting, calculating the Profit required, Sales & Marketing skills, Money management, Stock management, and record keeping.  For many students this may be the very first time they will have had to develop some of these skills, and for some it will be a learning experience that could change their lives.

Interworld Fundraising looks forward to working with more Schools through the Earn 2 Learn program, and is excited about positively impacting New Zealand kids, one student at a time.

Click here to contact Interworld for information on how you can implement this exciting initiative in your school