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Cadbury Chocolate Fundraising boxes: $2.00 Range

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  1. Cadbury Mixed All Stars 30 Pack  45g - 60g    $2.00 RRP

    Cadbury Mixed All Stars 30 Pack 45g - 60g $2.00 RRP

    These All Stars Bars include best sellers from the Cadbury 45g-60g Range! At $2 these make selling easy with just one coin required! Each carry pack contains a mix of Dairy Milk 50g, Caramello 50g, Twirl 39g, Dream 50g, Moro 60g, Crunchie 50g, Perky Nana 45g, Black Forest 45g, Picnic 46g and now with Dark Milk 35g! Actual product mix is subject to availability, call us for more details


      You buy for You sell for Your Profit
    Each Item $1.20 $2.00 $0.80
    Each Carry Pack of 30 $36.00 $60.00 $24.00
    Each Carton of 6 Carry Packs $216.00 $360.00 $144.00
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