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Interworld Fundraising NZ
Chocolate, Candles, Healthy Snacks & Skinwise Products for an Easy Fundraising Campaign!

Need to earn significant fundraising dollars quickly?

Think Fundraising, Think Interworld! Supplier of Cadbury fundraising chocolate, Downlights Candles, Bumper Bliss Ball fundraising, plus SPF 80+ Sunscreen and Insect Repellant fundraising ideas and steps for an effective fundraising campaign!


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  1. Cadbury Mixed All Stars 30 Pack  45g - 60g    $2.00 RRP

    Cadbury Mixed All Stars 30 Pack 45g - 60g $2.00 RRP

    These All Stars Bars include best sellers from the Cadbury 45g-60g Range! At $2 these make selling easy with just one coin required! Each carry pack contains a mix of Dairy Milk 50g, Caramello 50g, Twirl 39g, Dream 50g, Moro 60g, Crunchie 50g, Perky Nana 45g, Black Forest 45g, Picnic 46g and now with Dark Milk 35g! Actual product mix is subject to availability, call us for more details


      You buy for You sell for Your Profit
    Each Item $1.20 $2.00 $0.80
    Each Carry Pack of 30 $36.00 $60.00 $24.00
    Each Carton of 6 Carry Packs $216.00 $360.00 $144.00
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  2. Pharmexa Household Skinwise Fundraiser

    Pharmexa Household Skinwise Fundraiser

    NEW Pharmexa Household Skinwise Fundraiser includes 1x UV Guard 200ml SPF50+ Kids Sunscreen + 1x BiteGuard 150ml Insect Repellant + 1x 100ml AfterBurn Sunburn Relief Cream + 1x 50ml AfterBite Relief Cream + 2x FREE 5 ml Lip Mate.

    UV Guard is a special highly effective combination kids formula of three absorbent sunscreens and one reflectant in a long acting, water resistant base. Independently tested to SPF 80.8 by Dermatest Pty Ltd. It is a low allergy, broad spectum kids sunscreen made in New Zealand for New Zealands harsh sun and reduced ozone layer.

    BiteGuard protects against Sandflies, Mosquitoes, Leeches and all other biting insects. It has a pleasant fragrance, is water resistant and is a non greasy formulation that provides repellant for at least 4 hours.

    AfterBurn is designed to relieve minor sunburn or other minor burns. For moderate to major burns please see a doctor.

    AfterBite is formulated to relieve minor rashes and bites/stings from all biting insects. (Mosquitoes, sandflies, wasps, bees, plant rashes, and jellyfish stings). After bite is Natural, Safe and really works. For severe rashes please see your doctor.

    Lip Mate is a vanilla flavoured healing lip balm that has an SPF 20+. Designed to protect and heal the lips from Sun and wind burn.

    If ordering individually please click the $5 Rural as the shipping cost anywhere in NZ.

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