10 Day Sales Programme – School Fundraising Tips and Tricks

Before starting the promotion…

  • Appoint an enthusiastic organiser to oversee and ‘front’ the promotion.
  • Request parent help – and times needed for collating orders etc.
  • Advise parents in a newsletter or flyer about the promotion and importantly what the funds are being raised for and how their children will directly benefit. Build parent support in advance for the school project. Promoting your school project is the key to your success.
  • The organiser should present to the students the promotion and how it will be run; explain the benefits of the fundraising initiative to them and also cover incentives available for selling product and the manner in which they could achieve the incentive or prizes. Consider extra spot prizes or effort-based rewards.

Schedule your promotion to go over the 10 to 14 day period described below.

The ten sales days…

Day1: Friday PM

  • Ensure stock delivered tallies with your ordered amounts.
  • Give out stock to students to take home to sell directly or to use as samples to sell from and obtain orders (e.g. Plastic products).

Days 2-3 Weekend sales effort

Days 4-8: Monday to Friday pm

  • Money is returned each morning to school between 8:30-9:00am.
  • We suggest the same person collects and accounts for income to improve accuracy of accounting.
  • Give out extra stock early afternoon say 2-2:30 pm each school day.
  • You must keep an accurate record of all stock taken by each student.

Days 9-10 Final weekend sales effort

Monday – Wednesday following promotion

  • Students return all unsold goods and money to the school.
  • Finish on a high note with a prize giving to successful students.
  • Count and return any unsold goods that are in unopened cartons and in resaleable condition to Interworld Fundraising for credit.